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Call us….we CAN help

            Are you a patient or a carer and find yourself struggling to cope
            with some aspect of kidney failure, working out your state benefit
            entitlement, what dietary adjustments you need to make, how
                                                                                    KIDNEY PATIENTS UK
            to understand your blood results or simply just need to speak to
            someone else who will understand what you’re going through?

            HELP is at hand.  Here at NKF we have two dedicated,
            experienced Helpline advisors waiting to take your call.
            Between them they have years of
            experience in helping kidney
            patients and can send out leaflets
            containing professional, up to
            date information and advice on
            over a 100 different aspects
            of kidney failure.  And if your
            problems or questions cannot
            be dealt with in a ‘phone call we
            have a wealth of professional
            contacts, including the services
            of a national team of NKF/BKPA
            Advocacy Officers who can
            step in and help tackle  major

            NKF at BRS (British Renal

            Society) Conference

            NKF were pleased to be offered a NKF session at the
            BRS (British Renal Society) Conference in June
            2016.  We decided the best use of this valuable
            opportunity would be to examine the ‘ups and
            downs of dialysis away from base’. We heard
            from 5 patients who had taken a holiday
            whilst on dialysis and are both surprised
                                    and pleased to report
                                        that only a few
              you seen our new
           online version of Kidney
                                             from the floor
         Life?  Watch the pages turn
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      and enjoy our new and very much
     enhanced reading experience.  Just       difficulties in
    go to . Our      arranging this.
      new Kidney Life magazine is right
        there on the Home page. We’d
           love to hear your views.
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