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The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

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NKF Helpline


National Kidney Patients' Helpline helpphone3

0845 601 02 09




The NKF runs the only UK Helpline dedicated to kidney patients with two fully trained, experienced advisers providing a 5 day per week service to kidney patients, carers and healthcare professions and Renal Units.

The NKF Helpline is open from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday on

                                                                                                                          0845 601 02 09

The NKF Helpline is also the UK’s largest provider of kidney related medical information leaflets with a library of over 200 titles written by Nephrologists in simple language for patients and carers.  

The NKF Helpline can provide information about Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Transplantation, Living Donation as well as Benefits information, dietary advice and Holiday information.

Our advisors Pauline and Andrea are waiting to help on 0845 601 02 09


 NKF Leaflets

NKF leaflets are strictly document controlled to ensure that the information provided is reviewed every two years so it is always up to date.

Whether you require a single leaflet for yourself, or bulk quantities for a Renal Unit, Hospital or Kidney Patient Association, just call the Helpline number (0845) 601 02 09.

The NKF does not charge patients for a single leaflet.

Bulk quantities are charged at cost ranging between 25p to £1.10p  for larger booklets, prices including postage and packing.

If your Renal Unit does not have these leaflets ask “why not” and give staff the NKF Helpline Number 0845 601 02 09.  We will be pleased to take their order - and yours!

NKF Helpline leaflets available are ……………

Kidney Basics

I’ve got kidney disease - will I need dialysis or a transplant?
Blood pressure medication
Chronic Kidney Disease
Cholesterol and kidney disease
Calculating kidney function (GFR & eGFR)
High blood pressure
How to cope with established renal failure
End of life care
Introduction to haemodialysis
About the kidneys
Frequently asked questions
Home dialysis the advantages
Acute kidney injury

Kidney Disease

Treating iron deficiency in kidney disease
Glomerulonephritis questions and answers
Kidney cysts
Pain in kidney & urine diseases
12 steps towards pain control
Proteinuria (protein in urine)
Small or single kidney
Diabetes and the kidney
Focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis
IgA nephropathy
What is Vasculitis
Henoch-schonlein purpura
Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease
Adult polycystic kidney disease
Renal artery stenosis
Minimal change nephropathy
Nephrotic syndrome in adults
Kidney Disease in myeloma
Loin pain-haematuria syndrome
Interstitial nephritis
Urinary infections
IgM nephropathy

Commonly taken drugs for kidney failure
Over the counter drugs
Commonly prescribed drugs
Staying fit with kidney disease

Sexual relationships in kidney failure

Introduction and safe sex
Sexual relationship in kidney failure for men
Sexual relationship in kidney failure for women
Having children

Holiday Series

Holiday tips and guidelines
Holiday guidelines for PD patients
Holiday guidelines for HD patients
Holiday guidelines for transplant patients
Holiday / Travel vaccinations in transplant patients

Holiday facilities for kidney patients

European & worldwide destinations 2014
UK destinations 2014

Transplantation series

Top tips
What are the complications of transplantation?
What is transplant rejection?
Sexual problems following a transplant
Cancer after a transplant
Skin care in renal transplant patients
Blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease & circulation problems
Infection after transplantation
What drugs are needed after transplantation?
Diabetes after transplantation
How are kidneys allocated from cadaveric (dead) donors?
Is the kidney transplant psychologically stressful?
How long dies the transplant operation take?
Are work and normal life possible after a transplant?
What is a kidney transplant and will it cure kidney failure?
Can a transplant come from a relative, partner or friend?
How long is the wait for a kidney?

Living donor information

Altruistic kidney donation
Living Donor information
How do Donors feel afterwards?
Reimbursement of Living Donor Expenses


Alport’s Syndrome
Lupus and Lupus Kidney Disease
Fabry Disease
Bones, Calcium, Phosphate and PTH in Kidney Failure
Incorporating :        Types of Bones
                             What Treatment can be given
                             Surgery to remove Parathyroid Gland
Introduction to Peritoneal Dialysis
Peritoneal Dialysis – Frequently Asked Questions
Are there different types of Peritoneal Dialysis?
Good Mouth Care in Established Renal Failure
Green Nephrology
Acute Kidney Injury
Fistula Care
Employers Guide to CKD                                     

Information Packs

Know Your Benefits (for kidney patients)
Employer’s Guide to CKD
Exercise for Kidney Patients                                           

Paediatric Leaflets  (Subject to availability) 

Your Child and Chronic Renal Failure   A Guide to the Management of Childhood Nephritis
Mary Has a Mag 3 scan
Multi cystic Dysplastic Kidney explained
Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome
Grow-ups with Kidney Failure
A Carer’s Guide to Living with Kidney Failure
Warts and Kidney Disease
Posterior Urethral Valves
“Me and My Dialysis” Childs Activity book
Dietary Advice for Children on Dialysis           


The Eatwell Plate
PhosphateCutting down on Salt – Help is at Hand
Can Kidney Patients eat fruit and vegetables –
           Including section on the Asian & Caribbean diet
Renal Patients and Alcohol
Complete Dietary packFood with Thought – kind to kidneys recipe collection


Patient Information leaflets are subject to copyright
All NKF information is reviewed every two years.